Helping to bring our Bobbies back....

by Phil 16. February 2010 20:59

More police on the streets equals less crime.... a no-brainer!

Delivering smartphone mobile technology to frontline police and staff is starting to revolutionise modern policing in the UK. Providing officers on patrol with improved access to critical information on the spot allows them to make informed operational decisions enabling them to react and respond more quickly and appropriately.

So when commisioned by Research In MotionĀ® to design and develop a marketing campaign for the South Yorkshire Police to promote the benefits of the BlackBerry solution as part of the force's Mobile Information Programme we jumped at the chance. We designed a range of literature coupled with email marketing to create awareness both internally and externally of MIP with the aim of having a long term impact on public confidence.

Our successful campaign was recognised by the National Police Improvement Agency who in turn invited us to present to other forces at a number of national seminars. We demonstrated how we worked with the SYP and RIM to deliver the campaign and also advised in their workshops and through this we were asked to do the same for the Hampshire Police Constabulary!

So a great result and we're proud to be a part of this exciting new initiative.