10 Steps to Spring Clean your Website!

by Phil 20. January 2011 00:36

This is a great time to do a critique of your website to assess what you need to fix, improve, update or delete in 2011!


1. Take a look at last year's analytics month by month and assess what worked and what didn't.

2. Ask your users to feedback on how you could improve their experience on the website. 

3. Check that your site is easy to navigate and a user can find appropriate information easily. 

4. Are all your reciprocal links still live and relevant? If not delete or relink them.

5. Refresh the copy content which is good for improving search engine optimisation.

6. Revisit the sitemap to ensure it is relevant to the latest content.

7. Link in to social media application such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in order to attract a wider audience.

8. Add a Blog or News section to keep your audience informed.

9. Have a mobile optimised version of your website. Mobile internet usage more than doubled last year and with more smartphones this trend will continue.

10. Contact Proteus Virtual to help you with any or all of the above!  [email protected]


All the above will ensure that your website remains fresh, informative, user and search engine friendly.