I.T Solutions

I.T Solutions

In today's economical climate we recognise the importance that technology plays as an integral part in cost-effective and innovative business solutions. We are experienced in developing a range of applications that can restructure your business whilst having a positive effective on your long term profits.

Application Development

Some organisations require an application to be written in order to help run their businesses more efficiently. Organisations that have a unique selling point often need to have a suitable bespoke business application as there is nothing out there they can get “off the shelf”. We can specifically develop intelligent applications for your business in the most cost effective manner.

Mobile Applications

We have discovered that for some organisations it is useful to have specific company applications available to use on a mobile phone. We are experienced in J2ME (MIDP v2) programming to ensure that your website and company applications are available anywhere, anytime.


If you are looking to expose your internal business processes to clients or suppliers, extranets offer large benefits to organisations that are employing people to repeatedly run an internal process that can easily be replicated with technology. This is also an ideal solution if your company wishes to embrace homeworking for their staff.


Our Intranet package is perfect if you need to share information across your company. Many organisations find they are keeping stacks of hard copy files for the sake of ease in order for people to be able to get to the information. An effective, modular, CRM solution is an ideal means for tracking all aspects of your business.