Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Professional web design and development is a proven method to help your business grow and produce a greater return on investment when using a skilled and tailor made service. Our creative and intelligent approach to our work is supported by our loyal and satisfied clientele, and our main objective is to help benefit your business both economically and efficiently.

Company Showcase Website

Our company showcase package offers the design and development of a website that is largely static in content. It is all about the design and ensuring that your company is being represented professionally and accurately. Typically this would be made up of five pages: Homepage, About Us, Services/Products, Testimonials and Contact Us. Design, artwork, HTML and Javascript are applied in order to execute the best looking website for your business.

eCommerce Website

The eCommerce package is the design and development of a website that is able to sell your company’s product online. There are typically three solutions for this:

  1. A Paypal button to ensure secure and convenient online transactions
  2. Use a third-party payment provider that redirects users from your website when payment is to be made.
  3. Use a third-party payment provider and integrate the payment process directly into your site. This way the user does not navigate away from your website at any point in the payment process.

Depending on what your website requires, we will be able to tailor our services to create a package that is not only cost effective but also unique to your business. We can also integrate your current business applications to run with your website eCommerce programme.

Website Hosting

We build and support websites as part of our hosting service for many organisations. Not only is it economical for your business due to the cost effective nature of shared hosting for example, but we are able to constantly monitor your website to give you peace of mind thereby enabling you to confidently deal with your business.

Mobile Internet Website

If you are a business that depends on mobile communications, having your website viewable on a smartphone could benefit your company greatly. Our Mobile Internet Website package is an ideal solution if your business is trying to sell your services and products to people that are mobile dependent, on the move, and demographically diverse.

Content Managed Website

For some businesses this is a very good solution. This service is most suitable if your company either sells products online or has a content heavy website. Alternatively if you need support and maintenance for your website in order to free up time in your schedule, we are able to provide a comprehensive service in managing all aspects of your online solution.